Work in Progress_ Week of March 12th

Camel break in the desert

I took the above shot during my first day in Egypt back in October 2016. This was the life changing experience where we all were mounting our selected camels before we rode off to the pyramids. I took this shot of the man who handled my camel before I mounted it. I am so glad I was able to get such a beautifully lit casual shot. I did not think I would do anything else with this photo, but it has been calling for further creative interpretation. So   I recently decided to use this as reference for a collage.

Funny thing is that I have not done a real “full”collage since my college days.  It has been nice trying this again, and I think I will continue to experiment more with collage when possible. Below, I have enclosed a few select moments of the progression of this piece.


Sketch of camel wrangler

College of Shepard and Camel in progressClose up of Camel and Shepard collage in progress

Oh and speaking of camels….here is another beloved painting I am working on. It is a portrait of the camel I rode. Ah…I wish I could have brought one home, they are so cute – temperamental- but cute.


Painting of the camel I rode in Egypt


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