About me – my inspiration

I studied Illustration at Syracuse University and Education Technology at Teachers College, Columbia University.Throughout the years, I unexpectedly gravitated into the tech world and held various stints as a web producer at places such as Sony and Guardian News & Media. Ok, enough of the formal stuff…

I could draw since early childhood. One of my earlier memories involve drawing very well as early as Kindergarten. No one in my family ever deterred me from my artistic goals. To put it simply art is in my blood and has always been my calling.

While school is needed for a formal degree, I draw my true inspiration, knowledge and influence from my various travels and my amazing cultural heritage. Life should not only be lived, but it should be celebrated in full color – one painting, caricature or self-portrait at a time!

If you want an open-minded and creative soul for your commissioned painting or illustration, this is the place.

If you have not done so already, check out my Instagram page for additional creative work (i.e, works in progress, travel photography, .etc).